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Registered Employment Agency and Support OrganizationAsuka

Please leave the support and introduction of foreigners to us.

Asuka Co., Ltd. has been dealing with "people" in all aspects of education, welfare, and human resources business in Kyoto for 30 years.
Asuka, which operates a Japanese language school, has accumulated a track record of supporting non-skilled human resources as a registration support organization by utilizing its network with Kansai companies so far, while the mobility of foreign human resources is declining due to the corona disaster. .. In addition to matching companies and foreigners, we have a system that can respond to the constant changes in the national legal system by forming a tie-up with an administrative scrivener to meet a wide range of needs such as application for technical, humanities, international business visas, and specific skill visas. Is building.

日本語: ようこそ!

"Obligatory support"
Is required for Specified Skilled Workers

Institutions that accept SSW will need to provide 10 items of support set by the Immigration Bureau in advance to create an environment where foreigners can work in an appropriate working environment and spend their daily lives with peace of mind. It is necessary to carry out. The registration support agency can do all of this on behalf of the host agency. In addition, we are also officialy registered as employment agency business license, which makes us possible to offer one-stop package from recruiting to visa application procedure.

日本語: 概要

About Asuka's specialty

We have a wide range of fields in which we have a track record of introduction.

It is possible to recruit human resources in fields other than the 14 specified skills, so please feel free to contact us.

――14 industries currently targeted for Specified Skill No. 1 ――

[Nursing care] [Building cleaning] [Shaping material industry] [Industrial machinery manufacturing industry] [Electrical and electronic information related industry] [Construction industry]

[Shipbuilding / Marine industry] [Automobile maintenance industry] [Aviation industry] [Accommodation industry] [Agriculture] [Fishing industry] [Food and drink manufacturing industry] [Eating out industry]


Building cleaning

Restaurant business

Food and drink manufacturing industry


​Construction industry

日本語: 業界

Press room


Takoyaki party held with Specified Skilled Workers and registration support agency staff !

At the Asuka-sponsored exchange meeting, we are working to gather foreigners who work as specific skills in Kyoto and build closer relationships with the staff of registration support organizations. Foreigners spend their lives in Japan with some anxieties and worries every day more than we can imagine. Based on the idea that long-term employment will not be realized unless the staff you can rely on in an emergency is close to you, we are interacting with Face-to-Face in mind.

* Currently refraining from corona


Japanese language school certified as "Appropriate School" by Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau

The Japanese language school "Kyoto Asuka Academia" operated by Asuka Co., Ltd. in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City is an educational institution certified as an "appropriate school" by the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau.

Click here for the Japanese language school website


​Correspondence to immigration regulations

Currently, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the entry of non-designated foreigners is restricted. Currently, there is no prospect of lifting the regulation, but although we are a registration support organization, we have obtained a paid employment agency business license, so we can approach foreigners residing in Japan. We will introduce the most suitable human resources in the situation of Corona, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

日本語: 報道関係

Contact us

38-42 Nagitsuji Kusakaido-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 607-8162
Eagle Court Sotsuji Ore 2F

Company: +81 75-591-4048 

Direct line : +81 80-9169-3418

Staff: Nakamura / Mori

The transmission is complete.

日本語: お問い合わせ
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